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• 5/8/2018

New brawlers?

I’ve probably opened over a hundred brawl boxes but I haven’t got a single new brawler since the first basic ones..
And I read people mentioning «Saving up to buy a brawler», but I can’t find anywhere to buy a brawler either..

Is this a bug? I mainly want Bo the Bowman but not getting a single new brawler in over a hundred brawl boxes is just bad
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• 9/18/2018
The chances to open a Brawler are there and there's only a small chance to do so. I opened 80 so far and no brawler opened yet. It's not a bug it's just chances. Saving up to buy a brawler is if the shop will offer you one for Gems and that's what i'm not spending more gems on boxes.
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