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• 11/17/2018

Editor Appreciation Giveaway (November 2018)

Hello everyone!

As a little thank-you to you editors of the Brawl Stars Wiki, we are going to begin having a monthly giveaway where you can win Gems! At the end of each month, one winner will receive 80 Gems delivered directly to their Brawl Stars account, and the next month's giveaway will begin.


Make at least one quality edit on the wiki this month. The edit should at least add a couple of words to a page such as Bull or Coins. Add a tip or expand a table! You will not qualify just by removing a comma or adding a space.

Reply below with your in-game name and player tag (e.g. Dragonhoff #8QQPQUU). Make sure you get this correct or we will not be able to get the Gems to your account.

The winner will be selected randomly from the replies below and announced on the next giveaway's thread.

Thank you for making the Brawl Stars Wiki what it is, and good luck!

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• 11/20/2018

Nichtdeutsch #CRGC2Y0Y

• 11/20/2018

Mikeboy #UG2QRVPU

Actually my nickename is " <c7>Mikeboy</c> " because I changed the color.

• 11/23/2018

Hey guys! I am RoyalCannon2630 (both wiki and in-game name). I recently did an edit on El Primo. I am here to sign up for some free gems which I guess I can potentially get. My in-game name tag is #UVVPYULP. Thank you so much for offering some free gems to us, the community's players and editors, as a whole. In general, I think this is also a great way to speed up personal in-game progress!

• 11/23/2018

Hi I am "Nowah #VQCVG80G" and I want to win very much

• 11/25/2018

Everyone wants to win!

• 11/27/2018


• 11/29/2018

I added a tip in the El Primo page.

If I win the giveaway, please send the gems to Proceed #VJPL8OUG