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• 12/21/2018

Why can everyone run faster than me?

I know some characters can run faster, but other players with the same character as me move faster than I do, and I don't see why. Is there something really obvious that I've missed; maybe you can sprint somehow, or upgrade the players speed? My network latency isn't great, so I thought maybe it's periodically start/stopping (although the animation doesn't look like it). Any ideas?

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• 12/24/2018

I don't know but I sometimes have yhe same problem. Especially in showdown.

• 12/29/2018

It's got nothing to do with levels or upgrades and you can't 'sprint'. You might be zigzagging when moving or maybe it's a network problem.

• 1/1/2019

Are you using Colt?

• 1/11/2019


I mostly use shelly, but it happens on all characters.

Having played more now, I'm fairly convinced its something to do with having a bad network connection.

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