• Bane of Potato

    My Playstyles

    December 25, 2018 by Bane of Potato

    This is how I play the characters, even if it's not the most ideal way. Is that an interesting intro?

    Preferred Mode: Gem Rush

    Primary Role: Gem Hoarder Carrier

    Secondary Role: Kill Securer

    Mortis is very squishy and deals pathetic damage for a "Dashing Assassin". I mean, if I came face-to-face with a Bull I'd give up all hope of existing but if I see a Mortis I just laugh it off. Mortis clearly lacks damage, forcing him into the role of "Kill Securer". Luckily, he happens to boast exceptional mobility. This allows him to reach objectives – the gem box – much faster than most of the roster in the first few second of a round. I can consistently dash in, take both gems and then dash back to safety. Mortis can do this all game and hoar most, if not al…

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  • WintahMhelon18

    My Brawler Idea

    November 18, 2018 by WintahMhelon18

    Hey guys! I'm actually new here. I'm already a fan of Brawl Stars even thought I have to wait until December for it to be fully and globally released. After some time, I've thought of a Brawler which I think I should share it here so you guys can critique it before showing to the devs. 

    I present to you: Terry, a young rock golem! (I don't have any representation for his self yet, maybe he's a small rock golem with big arms, tiny legs and a head with glowing eyes?) Also I'd assume he's a mid-ranged tank that can simultaneously attack forwards and backwards.

    "Having mastered combat dexterity in almost any terrain, Terry is here to rock out foes and then some!"

    Attack: Earthly Eruption - "With his extensive strength, Terry can temporarily relea…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    You know, most brawlers in the game are actually good, but some are just awful. I’m gonna rank my top 10 worst brawlers, since I did the best ones.

    However, do note that most of them aren’t actually that bad, someone just has to be the bottom, let’s start at #10

    Ricochet is definitely NOT a bad brawler, honestly it’s been a bit of toss up between Jessie and Rico. However I’d say Jessie is SLIGHTLY better than Ricochet. As there’s only 21 brawlers, being #10 is nowhere near bad

    As I stated, Rico is just slightly weaker than the top 10 best brawlers and Jessie, meaning he’s still decent. He’s excellent in some game modes, but he’s mostly average. He’s not insanely good in most modes, but the 2 modes where he’s good, he’s amazing. Still, i put R…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    Right now, the meta has really shifted a lot since the previous updates, some brawlers has improved a lot, some just don’t stack up right now. I’m gonna rank my top 10 best brawler right now

    Although you have to know: I have a bit of hard time deciding, as 8/10 are all very close. Let’s get to #10 for now!

    I remembered back then, I hated Dynamike, he’s just insanely OP. And it’s beca of his super. Now that they nerfed his bomb delay, he seemed more manageable

    Still, Dynamike is very good in a lot of game modes, especially showdown. When he teams, he can actually dominate just by throwing Dynamites from walls, keeping distance from enemies, but I think he’s a lot more manageable, so I put him at 10th place

    Gem Grab: average

    Showdown: excellent


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  • IiAngelRulez

    Brawl Meta

    October 7, 2018 by IiAngelRulez

    Note, can someone clean up the table? I put it in a random order. Thanks.

    The brawl stars meta always changes each update. I am just putting this here to update my fellow brawlers in the current meta.

    • Even if the brawler is on top, it doesnt mean its game-winning op, it just means it requires less skill to win with.
    • The grade percentile depends on how much the meta favours it. Below 100% means the meta dislikes the brawler, and above 100% favours the brawler.

    Brawler %grade Notes
    Penny 121%

    Pam 119%

    El Primo 67%

    Tara 101%

    Brock 89%

    Shelly 100.4%

    Darryl ~98% Best in Island Invasion (Showdown)
    Colt 33%

    Nita 121%

    Frank 108%

    Crow ~88.72% Best on Gem Grab or any cover-oriented maps
    Spike ~148% Great on ever gamemode. Decent at Bounty. Bad at Robo Rumble.
    Piper ~9…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    Since the last balance changes, the meta shifted heavily, showdown is one of the most popular game modes and since the meta shifted, I want to share my top 10 best brawlers for showdown! My original top 5 in no particular order were Dynamike, Poco, Mortis, Spike and Crow. Lets see what my new top 10 are!

    Honourable mentions to Nita, Colt, Brock, Piper and Tara

    Darryl seemed to perform MUCH BETTER in this meta. We all know Frank is now one of the strongest brawlers in the game, and Darryl is one of the best counters to him, which is why Darryl is back since a very long time!

    Darryl has very high damage up close, it’s not that easy, but one cool thing is that he can sneak up in the bushes and when enemies reach him he can deal max burst damage, m…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    Hello, I usually active in the CR Wiki, but this is the 1st blog that I made in other wikis. This time, I’ll be talking about how the best and worst brawlers in the current meta. There’s 21 brawlers, and to be fair they all have potential in different game mode, but let’s start out with the worst brawler

    Oh Pam, you’re such a good brawler in Gem Grab, But it really sucks to see her at last because she’s so awful in other modes (Except Robo Rumble)

    Pam’s attack needed to get really close to deal high damage, and it’s usually not a great idea (Especially against Shelly, Bull and Darryl),she does have high HP and a healing station, but it’s not enough to justify her as a tank, and her healing station was outclassed by Poco’s burst healing.


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  • ModdingArt

    Okay so I am running out of ideas to put in these polls. If anyone could leave a suggestion for polls which wil, be featured please do.

    Sorry I can't think of many polls. Today's question is to leave poll ideas. It would be much appreciated

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  • ModdingArt

    Hello everyone. Welcome to the first special Poll of The Week. I will post these once every update and they will mostly be aimed at the update. They might also have more polls than normal.

    Today's question will be: How much work would you like put into updates (e.g. Update every 2 weeks with 1 new brawler, Update every month with a new mode and 2 Brawlers)

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  • ModdingArt

    Hello. I know it's slightly early but who cares? No further explanation needed!

    And for today's question: Can you suggest a balance change that you think should be added to the game?

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  • Simeonmcbg

    Tips for brawlers

    June 23, 2017 by Simeonmcbg

    Jessie:Try placing the turret on locations ike the mine(smash and grab) and near the safe(heist).

    Barley:Throw the bottles in front of the enemies.It's harder for them to escape.

    Spike:His super is great way to stop enemies from running away,chasing you and blocking their way to the safe(heist) and the mine(smash and grab).

    Bull:Use the super to break walls or bushes like the wall in front of the safe on Heist(attacking team) or revealing brawlers like Barley and Dynamike.

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  • ModdingArt

    Hello Internet! This is the first Poll Of The Week. Every week (should be up by Friday morning in America) I will post a series of polls. Doesn't need any more explanation. Keep in mind these polls are aimed at people who have the game but people can play without.

    At the end of each POTW I will say a question. This is similar to the polls but have way more answers than I can put on a poll. So my question for today is: Who is your least favourite brawler to play against? Please say who you play as aswell.

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