Chips are a currency in Brawl Stars. If a player receives a Brawler that they already own from a Brawl Box, that duplicate Brawler is converted to Chips and the player receives the Chips instead. The Chips can then be used to buy Brawlers that the player does not yet own.


Whenever a player gets a Brawler that they already have from a Brawl Box, that Brawler is converted to a certain number of Chips depending on the Brawler's rarity.

  • Common Brawler = 1 Chip
  • Rare Brawler = 2 Chips
  • Super Rare Brawler = 4 Chips
  • Epic Brawler = 10 Chips
  • Mythic Brawler = 25 Chips
  • Legendary Brawler = 60 Chips


Chips are used to buy new Brawlers that the player does not yet have. Brawlers cost more Chips depending on their rarity.

  • Common Brawler = 3 Chips
  • Rare Brawler = 10 Chips
  • Super Rare Brawler = 20 Chips
  • Epic Brawler = 60 Chips
  • Mythic Brawler = 200 Chips
  • Legendary Brawler = 500 Chips

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