Coins are a currency in Brawl Stars. Coins can be earned by participating in any game mode. They are also awarded whenever a new event opens. Coins are used to open Brawl Boxes. Coin Boosters can be bought from the shop with Gems to increase the amount of Coins earned from any source.


  • 4 to 24 Coins are awarded upon tapping on an Event Slot when a new Event has come into rotation.
  • 8 to 16 Coins are awarded for winning an Event for the first time during that rotation.
  • Coins are awarded upon completion of a Brawl Event up to a limit. The amount depends on the player's performance during the match.
  • 10 Coins are awarded each time a Brawler gains a rank.
  • 20 Coins are awarded each time the player gains an experience level.
  • 10-30 coins (not counting ticket multipliers) can be earned depending on how well you do in the unranked gamemodes.

Coin Boosters

You can buy coin boosters from the shop to increase the amount of Coins earned while playing.

Coin Boost : This booster costs 20 Gems and increases coins received by 50% for 7 days.
Coin Doubler: This booster costs 50 Gems and doubles the next 1,000 Coins received.


Coins can only be used to buy Brawl Boxes for 100 coins each. This means they are used to obtain new Brawlers, Tokens, and Tickets.

Earnings Value

3v3 gamemodes

  • Wining in bot and co op brawls: 4 coins
  • Losing in bot and co op brawls: 2 coins
  • Wining in brawl: 8 coins
  • Losing in brawl: 4 coins
  • First win bonus major: 16 coins
  • First win bonus minor: 8 coins


Bot Brawl

  • 1st place: 8 coins (8 exp)
  • 2nd place: 6 coins (6 exp)
  • 3rd place: 4 coins (5 exp)
  • 4th place: 4 coins (3 exp)
  • 5th place: 2 coins (3 exp)
  • 6th place: 2 coins (2 exp)
  • 7th place: 2 coins (2 exp)
  • 8th place: 2 coins (1 exp)
  • 9th place: no coins! (1 exp)
  • 10th place: no coins! (no exp)


  • 1st place: 16 coins (15 exp)
  • 2nd place: 12 coins (12 exp)
  • 3rd place: 10 coins (9 exp)
  • 4th place: 6 coins (6 exp)
  • 5th place: 6 coins (5 exp)
  • 6th place: 4 coins (4 exp)
  • 7th place: 4 coins (3 exp)
  • 8th place: 2 coins (2 exp)
  • 9th place: 2 coins (1 exp)
  • 10th place: no coins! (no exp)

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