Elixir can be used to upgrade Brawlers' Health, Attack, and Super. Each upgrade increases the statistic by 5% of its level 1 value, but each upgrade costs one more Elixir than the last. Elixir is received from opening Brawl Boxes.


The only way to obtain Elixir is from Brawl Boxes. It is very common to receive Elixir from a Brawl Box. A Brawl Box can contain a single Elixir or a set of 2, 3, 5, 7, or 10.

Brawler Upgrades

You can upgrade Brawlers' Health, Attack, and Super with Elixir. Each statistic has 6 levels. The upgrade to level 2 costs 1 Elixir, and the cost increases by 1 Elixir for each upgrade after that. Each upgrade increases the statistic by 5% of its level 1 value. For instance, if a Brawler's Health is 1000, each upgrade will increase that Brawler's Health by 50. Upgrading any Brawler to have level 6 Health, Attack, and Super costs a total of 45 Elixir.

Statistic Level Upgrade Cost Cumulative Elixir Spent Statistic Value Relative to Level 1 Example (Shelly's damage)
1 N/A 0 100% 80
2 1 1 105% 84
3 2 3 110% 88
4 3 6 115% 92
5 4 10 120% 96
6 5 15 125% 100

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