"One team defends the safe. The other tries to break it open. Surprise! You won't know which team you'll be on!"

In the Heist Event, there are two teams each of which consists of 3 players. On one team's side of the arena, there is a safe with high health. The objective is to protect the safe if you are on the defending team, or destroy the safe if you are on the attacking team. Players are assigned to the teams randomly and if the safe is not destroyed after 3 minutes, the defending team wins.

Useful Brawlers

Barley or Dynamike: Since they can attack over walls, they can be used to block the paths of approaching enemy Brawlers or hit the safe from far away.
Jessie: Jessie is great for the defending team. The turret from her Super can protect the safe from enemies.
Spike: Spike is useful for slowing down opponents on the defending side with his Super, Stick Around. It slows down enemies while also doing damage. It is handy when you need to stall enemies trying to damage the safe.


  • The defending team should spread out to ensure that enemy Brawlers are not able to sneak around them unnoticed.
  • The attacking team should stay together to ensure that they can push through to the safe without getting picked off too easily.
  • Many Brawlers' Supers can be used to destroy walls. If you are on the attacking team, use this ability to clear a path to the safe, making it easier to reach and destroy. If you are on the defending team, however, be careful when using these abilities, or you might inadvertently make things easier for the attacking team.