Robo Rumble

In the Robo Rumble Event, three players battle against many waves of robot enemies to protect a safe. The first wave starts at 2 seconds and each wave lasts 13 seconds after that. There are four types of robot, a "melee robot" with high hitpoints but low range, a "shooter robot" with low hitpoints but high range, a "mini robot" with low hitpoints but high movement speed, and a "boss robot" with very high hitpoints and damage. The boss robot has a melee attack or can shoot rockets, and one arrives every 7 waves. After a boss robot arrives, all robots after that have increased health and damage. Robo Rumble is an unranked mode, so Trophies cannot be earned or lost.

Useful Brawlers

  • Barley and Dynamike: These "throwers" can take out swarms of robots behind the cover of a wall.
  • Pam and Poco: These healers can help keep their teammates alive to avoid the slow respawn delay present in this game mode.


  • Respawn time is 10 seconds instead of the normal 5, so it is important to stay alive.