"Shotgun Shelly loves to run and gun! Her trusty boomstick makes sure no one gets in her way."
Shelly Portrait

Shelly is a Brawler that is unlocked upon beginning the game. She has moderate health and damage output. Her shotgun tends to deal more damage the closer Shelly is to her target, making her excellent for short to mid-range combat. Her Attacks have a wide spread as well. Her Super allows her to clear many obstacles and also knock back enemy Brawlers.

Attack: Buckshot

"Shelly's boomstick is always locked and loaded. You don't want to be anywhere in front of this baby."

Shelly fires a burst of shells dealing medium damage. The Attack is more effective at close range since more of the shells will hit the opponent, but the maximum range of the Attack is fairly long. This makes Shelly great at quickly defeating any enemy Brawler that she can get close to.

Super: Super Shell

"Shelly's Super Shell obliterates both cover and enemies. Any survivors get knocked out of the way."

When Shelly's Super is used, she fires a burst of shells which knock back enemy Brawlers and can destroy obstacles. It can be used to knock enemy Brawlers away from Shelly, expose enemy Brawlers hiding in bushes, or uncover Brawlers being protected by a wall.

Star Power: Shell Shock

"Shelly's Super shells slow down enemies for 2.5 seconds!"

People caught in the range of Shelly’s Super Shell are slowed down by a considerable amount.


  • Shelly is great for medium range combat and is deadly at close range.
  • Her shotgun shells can easily make their way through large groups of bushes, which is great for finding enemy Brawlers that are hiding in them.
  • Take advantage of walls when approaching long-range enemy Brawlers, such as Colt or Ricochet, since they can out-range Shelly and easily knock her out if she is uncovered.
  • Shelly is excellent at taking out El Primo. Since El Primo has to get close to his targets to attack them, Shelly can do great damage to him as he does this since she does more damage the closer she is to her target.
  • Her Super's knock-back effect can used to escape El Primo's punches by knocking him out of his Attack range, making him unable to attack Shelly.
  • Super Shell can be a supporting move as well as an offensive move. Because of the ability to destroy obstacles, Shelly can blast away any enemy cover so her teammates can move in and finish them off. Chances are, some of the Super Shell pellets will hit the enemy anyways.
  • Her Super Shell can also be utilized as a fourth shot when she is out of ammo.
  • Shelly is one brawler that is capable of "super stacking", the other being Frank. Shelly can do this by, once her super is charged, go to point close-medium range with another brawler, then attack, which will then usually charge your super again, then use your super again. Rinse and repeat. This can only be done with brawlers that can do stun/slow and burst damage.


  • On 16/8/17, Shelly's reload time was increased to 1.5s (from 1.25s). Main attack range was decreased to 6.66 tiles (from 7.66 tiles). Main attack shells are spread further apart.
  • On 7/12/17, the health and damage statistics of all Brawlers were multiplied by 4.