Temple Catacombs

Temple Catacombs is a map for the Smash & Grab Event.

Temple Ruins is an identical replica of this map for use in the Bounty game mode.


Temple Catacombs is a map that has 1 entrance point towards the gem mines, in between there are 2 pieces of walls and some bushes between the walls, these walls are good to use as a cover.  At the side edges of the map, it has a long lines of bushes on each side of the map with some walls beside it, the side bushes are connected all the way to the walls in the spawn area, those bushes walls at the side of the map are good from hiding and taking cover from attacks


  • Placing Jessie's turret on the bush tile that is below the horizontal wall nearer to the gem mine is good against teams that does not have throwers.

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